It’s Time to Vote

Iowa Voting Season is Here. Be Prepared & Informed About New Voting Rules.

Early, In-Person Voting

You may now vote early at County Auditor offices and other “Satellite Voting” locations approved by County Auditors around the County. These satellite locations will continue to be available up through the day before Election Day.

Early Voting by Mail (Absentee Ballot)

Casting your vote via absentee ballot is easy, but you should be sure to follow these guidelines:

  1. Submit your ballot request to your County Auditor now.
  2. Requests must be received in the Elections Office by 5 pm on the pre-registration deadline. This deadline is always on the Saturday 10 days before the General Elections.
  3. Absentee Ballots will be mailed out to voters between the time you submit your request and 10 days before Election Day.
  4. Absentee ballots can be delivered hand delivered to the auditor’s office without postmark prior to when polls close on election night. Ballots mailed back to the auditor’s office must be postmarked prior to the date of the election and must be received prior to 12:00 on November 13

If you are unable to vote early, you always have the option of voting at the polls on Election Day. Bring one of the following forms of identification with you:

  1. Iowa Driver’s License or Non-Driver ID  (up to 90 days expired)
  2. Current U.S. Passport
  3. Current U.S. Military ID
  4. U.S. Veteran’s ID
  5. New Voter ID Card mailed automatically and free of charge to registered voters who do not have an Iowa Driver’s License or Iowa Non-Driver ID.
  6. Tribal Identification Card

Vote Without Form of Identification

If you show up to your polling place without proper identification, you may sign an additional oath and vote a regular ballot.

Registering to Vote & Address Changes on Election Day

If you need to register to vote on Election Day, or if your address has changed since you last voted, you will be required to bring proof of address as well as your proper identification.

Additional Resources

For more information on voting in Iowa, please visit the Secretary of State’s FAQ page.

If you have an Iowa driver’s license or ID number, you can register to vote online  through the Iowa DOT.