Run For Office

Run For Office

Taking initial steps from anger to action is often the most challenging part of entering into any political race. The Latino Political Network supports aspiring officials in their candidacy through creating mentor connections, hosting classes and training sessions, and more. View our events calendar to register for upcoming events, or reach out to a Latino elected official near you to get started on a successful campaign.

Begin to Change the Landscape of Latino Political Representation

Election processes and announcements vary across offices, but there is almost always an open seat to be running for. Start by asking these questions:

  • When Is Your Next Local Election?
  • Who Else Is Running?
  • How Many Votes Do I Need?
  • How Do I Get On The Ballot?

Contact your local school board, county auditor, or secretary of state’s office to get the information pertaining to your seat of interest, or find great information on our resources page.

Who’s Running?

Track Latinos Currently Running for Office

Currently, we’re not in an election season. But check back later in the year for names and positions of Latino candidates running for state and local offices.

***Disclaimer: The Latino Political Network is a non-partisan organization and does not identify with or endorse any specific political party or affiliation thereof

Find the Candidates in Your Area

Our list is not exhaustive. To track the candidates in your area you can:

  • View the Iowa Secretary of State’s published list for primary party runners
  • Visit your county auditor’s site, where ballots are published 3-4 weeks prior to election

Do You Know Someone Who’s Should Be Listed?

We’d love to get them listed! Submit their information below.

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