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Educating and Empowering Iowa’s Next Generation of Latino Elected Officials.

About Us

Connect to A Support System of the Under-Represented

Come alongside us in the creation of a new reality for Latino politics in Iowa. Latinos make up 6 percent of Iowa’s population, but hold less than 1 percent of electoral seats in the state. The Latino Political Network exists to empower and enable the next generation of Latino officials. It will provide the tools, resources, and connections for us fight above our own weight class.

Latinos hold fewer than 20 of the more than 7000 elective offices in Iowa.

Iowa has never elected a Latino to the state legislature or statewide office.

Only one school district in the entire state of Iowa lacks Latino enrollment.

Who Is The Latino Political Network?

The LPN is made up of impassioned, empowered, and determined Latino officials, former officials, and aspiring Latino officials coming together to change the landscape of Latino political representation.

But it’s not an easy task. For many Latinos the network, skills, and confidence needed for a successful campaign are all lacking. This is where the LPN steps in with mentoring, coaching, and support.

Recent News

New organization pushes for more Latino elected officials

  Noticing a lack of Latino elected officials in the state of Iowa, two Des Moines residents plan to launch a new initiative to shed light on the issue...

Latino organizers look to go Irish on Iowa politics

  A conversation I’ve had with a number of Latino politicos and community activists in Iowa through the years starts like this on my end: “The Latino community needs to learn from the Irish immigrants of a century and a half ago. When met with the infamous...

New Group Wants More Iowa Latinos to Run for Office

  A new group, called Latino Political Network, aimed at increasing the number of Latinos running for elected office in Iowa holds its first meeting. Currently there are no Latino members of the Iowa legislature and this group wants to change that......


Support the Empowerment and Education of Latino Officials

Your generosity will help to benefit Latinos, the State of Iowa, and assist LPN’s efforts to:

Find and prepare more Latinos to run for office, leading to greater voter registration and civic involvement.

Increase represented perspectives, generating a broader outlook on Iowa’s future.

Diversify the pool of local elected office holders, inspiring the Latino community to become more politically- and socially-involved.