Maria Ramos

City Council: 2019

“While studying for her diploma, Ms. Ramos does not stop caring for her community. She is very proud of being an immigrant and citizen of the United States and she shows her gratitude and love for this country through service to her local community. Over the years she gained the trust and affection of various community members and its leaders. She likes to focus on helping the needy and in order to do that she serves at various local committees and coalitions.

“I would like to see some positive change and collaboration. I would like to empower others to run for office, I would like to see more Latinos involved in the decision making on changes that might affect them,” Ms. Ramos shared her goals and visions if she becomes part of City Council. “My goal is that every person living in Storm Lake will be counted in 2020 Census and I will be heavily involved in making sure this happens. I [also] hope to form a small advisory group; individuals who will share their opinions and perspectives, study issues and offer recommendations and advice.”” – Hola America News