Emilia Marroquin

Email: emarroquin@udmo.com
Phone: 712-291-5952
School Board: 2015

Elected office held and how long in that office: School Board Member- 1 year

Any prior elected positions and held for how long: No.

Why did you run for office? To represent the Latino community and minorities.

What advice would you have for an aspiring Latino elected official?  My advice is just to be yourself and act in the best of the interest of your community. These positions are not to have the power of anything but respect for diverse points of view of each community member.

What do you enjoy most about serving in elected office?  Most of all is that school boards are nonpartisan, and have the ability to work well with a team and support group decisions in benefit of our students.

What surprised you most about being an elected official? The overwhelming learning process about district policies, guidelines, needs, challenges and strengths your school district possesses.