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The Latino Political Network (LPN) is a first-of-its-kind initiative in Iowa to increase the number of Latino elected officeholders across through education and empowerment.

omarThe LPN offers classes focused on all facets of political campaigning and elective service.  The LPN also connects existing Latino elected officials and Latinos with political aspirations in a way never before seen in Iowa.  The LPN offers mentoring, coaching, and support as more Latinos make the leap to run for public office

Latinos hold fewer than 20 of the more than 7000 elective offices in Iowa and Iowa has never elected a Latino to the state legislature or statewide office. LPN is committed to changing that!


The LPN kicked off on Saturday, June 20, 2015, in Ankeny, IA.  We drew more than thirty Latinos from ten Iowa communities.  There was a very broad mix of attendees from retirees to college students, current elected officials to DREAMers. The event was covered by radio, television and print media in both English and Spanish. The kickoff event delivered content on building your campaign and the legal requirements of campaigning in Iowa. LPN also brought together a panel of Latino elected officials to give their perspective on running for office as a Latino and ended the day with a dinner where six participants announced they would be running for office this year! 

Future LPN events will be focused around media training and fundraising advice.  LPN will also maintain a commitment to move its events around the State of Iowa to make it as easy as possible for Iowa Latinos to participate.

LPN also strives to keep its costs to attendees as low as possible to sustain the program (including waiving the cost of attendance for college students.)  To do that LPN seeks donations from supportive individuals and organizations.