The Latino Political Network (LPN) is a first-of-its-kind organization focused on an increase in the number of Latino elected officeholders across the State of Iowa through education and empowerment. LPN offers classes focused on all facets of political campaigning and elective service.

LPN will also connect existing Latino elected officials and Latinos with political aspirations in a way never before seen in Iowa. We will offer mentoring, coaching and support as more Latinos make the leap to run for public office.


For the prospect of a great benefit to Latinos and the State of Iowa.

  • A more ethnically diverse pool of local elected office holders would inspire the Latino community to become more involved politically and socially.

  • More Latinos serving in public office makes for a broader outlook on Iowa’s future.

  • Finding more Latinos interested in running for office and preparing them to run campaigns will engage the Latino community in campaigns leading to greater voter registration and civic involvement.


Rob Barron

Rob Barron

Rob Barron is currently serving his second term on the Des Moines Public School Board. In 2013 he became the first Latino to win elected office in Polk County, Iowa’s largest county. He served Iowans for 13 years in the office of Senator Tom Harkin, including serving as Harkin’s State Director from 2009-2014. He was named one of the “50 Most Wanted Democrats” by the Des Moines Register in 2014. He is a fourth-generation Mexican-American and works full-time at Grand View University.
Omar Padilla

Omar Padilla

Omar Padilla is a first generation Latin-American. He is the son of working class immigrant parents. Omar was the first person in his family to go to college. His work experience has allowed him the opportunity to travel extensively around Iowa and gain a first-hand understanding of the most pressing needs for the Latino community....

Contact LPN Iowa

Rob Barron
Phone: 515-778-2961
Email: rxbarron@gmail.com

Omar Padilla
Phone: 515-306-9594.